Today, change is more noticeable in the power and transportation industries, as much as in the real estate industry

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Things I wish someone had told me before I started to invest

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What are Green Bonds?

Everyone knows about Forbes, Entrepreneur, and their likes. But there are lesser-known business blogs and websites which you could always turn to for advice, news, or insights. Let’s dive right in and explore these hidden gems.

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Inc. Magazine

ESG investing and Bitcoin are two of the growing trends today every investor should watch out for. However, when both of these trends are contradicting, should investors choose one over the other? Is there a common ground where both ESG investing and Bitcoin can thrive together?

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Let’s find out which unicorn startups are worth investing in.

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The pandemic changed consumer needs and business trends. What does this mean for startup investors?

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Roman Reitman

Proficient Investor concentrated on ethical investments and green technologies.

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